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Greenpoint Agency Inc., is a commercial insurance agency and brokerage business that began in the 1970’s. It is owned and operated by people who have substantial experience in commercial lending and credit insurance, learned during the past 25 - 30 years.

In order to overcome the “non-payment and default risk”, that is influencing commercial  bank lending decisions of the past few years, it is necessary to create a newly modified bank lending model based upon a new loan program's insured underwriting criteria.

We have developed a new proposed Bank Business Loan Lending Model based upon laying off the risk of a loss to a third party, more specifically one or more  high quality credit insurance companies. The use of Commercial Loan Credit Insurance means putting the "Credit Insurance Company’s  Capital at Risk, instead of the bank’s capital". The term "Custom-Tailored" means the insurance underwriter is willing to discuss creating a more flexible credit insurance program for a bank client.
The Uses of Custom-Tailored Commercial Credit Insurance include

1. Substantially Reducing the Risk of Default for commercial loans, because additional credit underwriting is available, with possible previously unknown information

2. Substantially Reducing the amount of the financial loss, if a loan goes into collection.

3.Enabling the bank to profitably grow its loan portfolio, while protecting its own capitalization against loan loss writeoffs,

4. Enabling the lender to expand its lending footprint, without significantly expanding the amount of lender capital at risk,

5. Receiving additional credit and financial information about proposed borrowers from the credit insurance company, to futher identify good credit risks and poor credit risks.

6. The cost of credit insurance is relatively small compared to the capitalization protection available, and the substantial increases in profits for active lenders.

7. Enabling the Bank to Grow Its Profits and Capitalization while significantly hedging (reducing) its risk of loss to stockholder's equity.

8. Enabling the Bank to Increase Its Depositor/Customer Base, and the Total Amount of Deposits (at its discretion), along with the anticipated rate of return on customer deposits improving revenue.

We are experienced financial insurance brokers; we have the expertise and highly rated credit insurance company relationships, that banks needs to effectively implement a improved Bank Business Lending Model using Commercial Credit Insurance to minimize loan default losses.  

Our CEO  is an attorney at law, with substantial experience in both law and commercial lending. His hands on bank executive experience includes a knowledge of credit, underwriting, loan origination through servicing management, securitization, secondary marketing, and accounting. On request, he is available to assist in helping your institution develop an improved Bank Business Lending Model.

Please view the other pages in our website to obtain additional valuable information for your bank to consider prior to configuring a new lending model. Contact us with your various questions and comments. We will be pleased to assist in providing details about Commercial Loan Insurance for Banks.

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Norman M. Carniol, Esq.
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